Student Support

There are many support systems in place, such as tutoring services, technology support, laser cutting and 3d fabrication to aid in the production of your projects:

Interaction Design Tutoring Flyer

IXD Tutoring

The Bachelor of Interaction Design Program is dedicated to helping students get the support they need. The IXD Tutoring service is available Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm in J117 during semester. In order to get help you will need to book an appointment online:

Help is available for the following topics:

Sheridan Tutoring

Besides the program specific IXD Tutoring, Sheridan also offers a range of Tutoring services on all campuses. This is more generalized help with subjects such as writing, English language, citation and research.

There are also English Conversation Circles, so if you need to practice conversational English join a group:

Accessible Learning

Accessible Learning facilitates equal access for eligible students with disabilities.:

Acadamic Advisement

Your academic advisors are always available to discuss your Academic Standing in the program, please contact:

Mark Shufflebottom

1st and 2nd Year Co-ordinator

Myles Bartlett

3rd and 4th Year Co-ordinator

Student Counselling

Wellness and Counselling Services – available Free of Cost - supports the academic, personal, and social growth of students from diverse backgrounds and with specific, individual needs. The college years can be times of accelerated growth and learning, significant challenges, and considerable stress. It is normal – and even expected – for students to encounter difficult or stressful events. However, when students use the resources available to them, there is a much greater chance of success and overall well-being.

Student Advisement

Student Advisement is the on campus place for all student questions and requests for information on anything related to Sheridan. Students can get their questions answered immediately:

Library Services

Library and Learning Services has a collection of resources that includes content related to design and technology, space for groups, individual and quiet work, and staff to help with research and referencing. Your librarian is Shelley Woods.
Library IXD Books

Mac Tech

Our MAC techs are Mark Galaszkiewicz and Rob Roy. Check out the MAC Tech:

for a full rundown of what they do including their fabrication services. Here are some of the helpful things they’ve provided for us this year:

Student Guides

Open VPN:




Oculus Rift:

3D Printing:

Node and P5:

Node and P5:

Node and P5:

Node and P5:

Map of Facilities

map of Trafalgar Road campus

Fab Labs

We have Laser Cutting/Engraving as well as 3D printing services in our FabLab. More information, including file templates, can be found on their

Central Equipment Room (CER)

There is audio visual equipment that can be signed out by faculty and students from the Central Equipment Room (CER), located in room C110. CER is open Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM TO 4:00PM. Equipment can be booked online for later pickup, or can be picked up directly from room C110. You must show your Sheridan OneCard in order to sign out equipment. Any equipment reservation NOT picked up 30 minutes before the CER closes , will be cancelled and available for any other “day-of” bookings.

Equipment Available for Hire:


Video Accessories