Planning Your Studies

The curriculum reflects our commitment to enriched areas of concentration within the Bachelor of Interaction Design Program that are identified as our core strengths: Visual Communication, Interaction Design, Business Studies, Computation and Process Planning.

Students are required to attend ALL CLASSES. If for any reason you cannot attend a class, you MUST contact your professor in advance and let them know.

Individual Years

First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year

Breadth Electives

Students are required to complete one breadth elective per semester for the first three years and two breadth electives in the final year of study.

Certificate in Creativity and Problem Solving

There is a stream of several breadth electives, that when taken together, will grant the student a Certificate in Creativity and Problem Solving. Students completing this will graduate with a Bachelor of Interaction Design and a Certificate in Creativity and Problem Solving.

Late Policy

All projects and exercises must be submitted at the beginning of the class on the date specified in the assignment brief unless otherwise stated by your professor. An assignment submitted within one week (5 business days), after the due date, will receive a 10% grade reduction. Assignments more than one week late will not be graded unless a prior arrangement has been made with your professor.

If there is a valid reason for the late assignment, the student must email their professor no later than the date the assignment is due to indicate it will be late. If the reason is deemed to be valid, there will be no late penalty.

There will be no resubmission of work unless, under exceptional circumstances, this has been agreed to or suggested by the professor.

Academic Integrity

Sheridan requires all students to conduct themselves ethically, complete work honestly and submit work that is their own. Breaches of academic integrity are taken seriously. It can be difficult to understand Academic Integrity, so each brief you receive will guide you on what you can submit and how to cite that for the project.